joi, 26 ianuarie 2012

Words are powerful, words are sacred.

Watch the words you say. Watch who is speaking to you. Realize the significance and the power of words. Words are very, very powerful. Words are sacred. Each word is a mantra (instrument of thought, sacred speech). each word has purity, vibration, sensation, sound; each word makes a body. Words are sacred, words are very powerful. When someone says something nice to you, you feel good. The body releases some tension inside and gives itself over to a state of equilibrium. But the minute something negative is said, the body roars, it tears itself apart, it rips you inside. this is the power of words. Words make the body, words make the world. they are makers of place and circumstance. Words are powerful, words are sacred.

3 comentarii:

  1. words can hurt so much sometimes... it can rip you in half.

  2. FOARTE frumos pastelate aceste cuvinte !!!

  3. true.very true.cuvintele ne ajute Dumnezeu sa fim putem fi atenti cu ele,sa stim sa le folosim.